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Tell your story through aromatics


scented events

Immerse your audience in an unforgettable sensory journey with daViTe's exclusive event scenting solutions. Whether it's a corporate gathering, museum exhibition, trade show, or the most special day of your life—your wedding—our carefully crafted scents have the power to transform any occasion into a captivating experience.

Captivate Your Audience
Imagine a scented booth at your next trade show, enticing attendees to pause, engage, and form a lasting connection with your brand. Our scents not only evoke curiosity but also create memorable associations between your business and the unique fragrances they experience. With daViTe's advanced scent diffusion technology, we don't just add scent to the air; we create interactive touchpoints that leave a lasting impression.

Tailored Scent Solutions
At daViTe, we understand that every event is unique. That's why we offer custom-designed scent solution packages to cater to your specific needs. Our full-service packages include scent stand design consultation, development of a signature scent, and expert technical installation for a seamless setup. For more flexibility, we also provide short-term rentals of our user-friendly stand-alone diffusers, allowing you to set up the perfect scent ambiance at your booth or event.

Inspiration Through Fragrance
Transform your event with a fragrance that enhances the theme, flavor, or destination you envision. Utilize your brand's signature scent to establish a cohesive and memorable identity across all platforms. With daViTe's expertise in a diverse range of venue environments, both indoor and outdoor, we can tailor a scent solution to meet your unique requirements and budget.

Elevate your events to new heights with daViTe's signature scents—where every whiff tells a story, and every moment becomes an olfactory masterpiece.

"Scents have the power to turn events into unforgettable moments, weaving emotions and memories into the very fabric of the occasion."






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Schedule a scent consultation with one of our many aromatic compounders. There, they will walk you through any questions and learn more about your event and how we can best support the overall experience.