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Our Oils

Crafting Luxury, One Scent At a time

Our commitment to luxury is reflected in every facet of our scent creation process, starting with the selection of our oils. We take pride in using only the most premium ingredients, carefully sourced to ensure the highest quality. Our fragrances are crafted without phthalates or cartridges, upholding our dedication to purity and sophistication.

top note

These are the initial, captivating scents that you perceive as soon as you encounter a fragrance. They are fresh and invigorating, making a memorable first impression. These notes are often derived from light, airy ingredients such as citrus, fruit, or herbs.

Middle Note

The heart of the fragrance, these notes reveal themselves after the top notes dissipate. They provide the character and personality of the scent. Middle notes are often floral, herbal, or spicy, offering depth and complexity to the fragrance.

Base Note

These notes form the foundation of the fragrance, providing a long-lasting and rich aroma. They emerge after the top and middle notes have evaporated and typically consist of woody, earthy, or musky elements. Base notes create the lasting impression and ensure that the scent endures.

In our meticulous crafting of fragrances, we consider the intricate interplay of these notes to ensure a well-balanced, sophisticated, and memorable olfactory experience. At daViTe, every drop of oil is selected with the utmost care, resulting in the creation of scents that resonate with luxury and sophistication.

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