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crafting luxury with heart

Our story

Hello, I'm Ayden, the heart and soul behind daViTe. Our story isn't just about fragrances; it's a tale of resilience, ambition, and the unwavering pursuit of crafting luxury with a personal touch. My entrepreneurial journey began at an age when most children were just discovering the world around them. At two years old, I embarked on my very first business venture - selling painted rocks. It was a humble beginning, but even then, the spark of entrepreneurship burned brightly within me.

In kindergarten, I took my first official step into the world of business by starting an artisan soap venture. The soaps were crafted with care and attention to detail, and it marked the first chapter of my commitment to creating products that captured the essence of luxury. My entrepreneurial spirit continued to grow, and by the time I reached elementary school, I was already participating in Lemonade Days, a testament to my passion for entrepreneurship. As I advanced to high school, I took on even greater challenges. I competed in multiple state and national pitching competitions, honing my skills and expanding my horizons.

DaViTe, the fragrance brand you see today, started with an accidental meeting. While delivering products to a local retailer, I had an encounter that would change the course of my journey. Little did I know that this meeting would lead to the creation of a brand dedicated to crafting luxury fragrances. As a young entrepreneur, I understood the unique challenges that came with my age, often needing to go five steps ahead of those older than me to gain the respect and credibility I deserved. But those challenges only strengthened my resolve and passion for entrepreneurship.

Today, I am privileged to serve as an Uncharted Learning Alum Ambassador, where I work closely with educators and students across the country, nurturing their entrepreneurship knowledge and helping them achieve success. It's my way of giving back and supporting the next generation of trailblazers. Beyond the business, I've always been committed to my community, donating over $300 to my hometown's INCubatorEDU entrepreneurship class and frequently volunteering for their causes. It's a reminder that true success is not only measured in profit but in the positive impact we make in the lives of others.

Our story is more than a business journey; it's a testament to the belief that luxury should be an everyday indulgence. At daViTe, every fragrance we create is imbued with the spirit of authenticity, dedication, and the belief that every individual deserves to experience the magic of scent.

Join us in this aromatic odyssey and discover how daViTe is redefining luxury, one fragrance at a time.